WINNER! Samara Fibers Giveaway

I really need to get me some of the Merino Wool Batts from Samara Fibers. Ever since I posted this giveaway, I've found a ton of really cool, extremely easy felting crafts that use wool. And you should check out the artwork people make with this stuff - it looks just like a beautiful painting, but with a ton of texture! OK... I'll quit going on about it and tell you who won already!

Congratulations to #49, Shannon W.!!!

Shannon said... 49 Reply to comment

I like you on FB. Shannon W______. shannonforpeace(at)

And, once again, don't forget about the discount that Samara Fibers is offering to my readers! Use the discount code: MCCRENSHAW to receive 10% off anything in the shop. 
I noticed that many of you really like the bags that she sells. Let me tell you, you aren't going to find anything like this anywhere else for the price. I love mine so much - it's just right for my knitting and, recently, I've even stashed the scarf I'm making in a drawer and used the bag as a purse.

And thank you to Alana for the great discount and helping me out with shipping costs. It meant I could afford to offer more giveaways to YOU!

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