Love Eye Makeup but on Time Crunch? Here's a Tip for Ya!

Hi everyone,

Yup, that was me climbing the Great Wall of China! I actually had time to camwhore before climbing to the next beacon (Beacon number 9.) It was a great trip and I was wise enough to pack some essential makeup and skincare items for my trip.

Despite the sandstorm from Mongolia, we managed to take some great photos
And yes, this is how I look now. It was cool that day (14-22 degree C) but with strong winds. The cashmere cardigan saved my life!
I actually brought a small bag to store my essential items. As much as I want to haul my whole makeup and skincare storage unit, I decided to be more selective.

Everything I needed stored inside this fake croc bag from Clinique.
Wanna know what's inside and the makeup items that made my traveling life easier? Jump!

Separated the makeup items from the skincare items (Sunplay sunscreen, Skinceuticals Phyto gel, and a bottle of lotion from a hotel I stayed), and other equally important items when I'm on the road (perfume, zit cream, Dramamine, and Carbophos. I stored my ibuprofen and cold medicine in my carry-on.)

Of course, I wanted to look nice during the trip. I wanted to apply colorful eye makeup everyday I was in China. But the cruel truth hit me before the trip even started: I would not have the damn time. For real. Every single day when I was there, I woke up at 6 o'clock if I was lucky (some days I woke up at 4 in order to catch a plane at 8:30.) Then, we would travel, go sight-seeing, eat, and enjoy ourselves until 8-9 pm (if we were lucky. Checking in around midnight was the norm.) Therefore, we were extremely lucky to get 7 hours of sleep. I got about 5 hours of sleep every night since we (the young group) decided to walk around the cities we stayed every night to tire ourselves out before going to bed. No, traveling isn't always dandy. It is hard work. I lost almost 5 lbs during this trip.

But I digressed. Let's get back to how I survived makeup-wise. Here are the things I packed:

Benefit Coralista: check. Heroine Make mascara and remover: check (actually love this mascara very much! 12+hrs of walking and sweating but the stuff still clung on to my lashes like dear life!) Shu Uemura curler: check. MAC Viva Glam V: check. Maybelline eyeliner sharpener: check, because...

I brought a whole lot of eyeliners and chubby eye pencils with me!

I figured out I would not have time to put on eye makeup and I needed a fast routine that makes me look awesome. Hence, the eyeliners and chubby pencils. I applied the chubby pencil and blended with my finger. Then, I lined my upper and lower lash lines with different colors before curling my lashes and applying mascara. Bam, I looked very decent during the whole trip. Yet, the routine starting from applying moisturizer (Phyto Gel) took less than 5 minutes.

I guess this is quite an ingenious idea: the pencils are small and do not take a lot of space. Also, you don't need to bring any brushes. More space in your luggage for souvenir goods, I say!

I hope you enjoy this packing tip. Have fun!
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