WINNER of Syrendell giveaway!

I was so happy to see those last-minute entries for this Silk Ribbon Streamer Stick! It really is a great toy. I remember, when I was younger, and the 1984 summer Olympics was on all of my friends' parents' TV's - we used to pretend to be the gymnasts in the backyard, and no one had one of those really cool ribbon sticks like we saw on TV. We made our own with sticks and long pieces of grass! This is so much better!

So, congrats to #78 Stacy, it goes to show that, sometimes, those late entries really do pay off! Whoever you give this to (or maybe you'll use it yourself!), will be very lucky!

Stacy said... 78 Reply to comment

Syrendell fb fan gingeroo616 at ______dot com oursafehaven
Yes, there's a coupon code! And, let me tell you, it's the coolest code ever!!!

Just used the code KARMA1 through June 30

at Syrendell to receive 15% off your order! 
You really have to check out 
all of the really cool stuff they have. 
I really love the wood people -
perfect for painting or felting!

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