Flower Power! w/ LINKY! {Wordless Wednesday 5/11}

I'm kinda a hippie. Since my oldest turned 13, he's been rebelling by acting ... um, well... Republican. He makes little statements about "those crazy PETA people" and how he sees no good reason to clean up the environment. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see him checking to see if he managed to get get a good reaction out of me. No matter what he says, I just go with the flow. I know that his words are not backed up by his actions, so let him orate as much as he wants!

When I saw this, I very quietly raised the camera and clicked! I had no idea if it was in focus or anything, but I had my fingers crossed...

And, then Little Guy was bending way down to smell some violets when his big ol' head threw him off balance. He ended up with a snoot-full of dirt! LOL

Happy Wordless Wednesday! 
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Link up! Thanks to Java at Never Growing Old, I am embedding her linky here! She hosts Meet Me on Monday, so if you've wanted to get in on that meme, head over to her blog on Sunday night for the weekly questions and linky.

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