Sigma Travel Kit Naughty in Black Giveaway Winner!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who entered my giveaway, I was pretty overwhelmed by the number of entries and it took me quite some time to enter all of them in an Excel spreadsheet. However, I'm sad that some didn't respect the rules. I think they were pretty simple! I asked the entrants to have a blog, and to not have a blog made only for giveaways. I don't remember how many people were disqualified because of that. Yes, that rules may change in my upcoming giveaways, but this time I especially stated it, so I expected it to be respected. However, do you want to know the worst? Someone tried to enter 20 times! 20 times!!! I can't believe it.

Anyway! Onto the winner...

Congrats, please check your emails! =D

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