Burning Makeup Question: Do You Have any Makeup Quirks?

Hi everybody,

Yes, it's Thursday again and this time, our Burning Makeup Question of the week is "Do you have any makeup quirks?"

Yours truly looking way too gleeful with a red teddy bear. But believe me, smokey eyes, hair bow, and red teddy bear are not my quirks.
Wanna know my answer? Jump!

I have many quirks but so far, these take the cake when it comes to makeup:

1. I love to apply makeup with some background music. Lately, I've been obsessed with K-Pop. This song by Brown Eyes was my soundtrack when I recently did makeup.

2. I line my lips after applying lipstick: I've heard and seen people do the other way around (line then fill their lips with lipstick.) Somehow, that route doesn't work for me. Is anybody in the same boat?

3. I apply blush and bronzer after powder: again, people tend to do everything first before applying translucent powder. I found it to really mess up my contour line and I do the other way around.

So how about you, dear readers? Do you have any makeup quirks? Please share, please share. I'd love to read about them.

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