Belly at Large: Cambodian Kittens

Hi everyone,

Dao's here, not Belly. Being a Crazy Cat Lady (CCL) without a cat is hard. I miss my Belly. I miss his fuzzy face, his smart-alec meows, his passion for turkey, and his constant bugging me for head and tummy rubs. Yes, I miss his good, bad, and ugly. I just miss him.

Adorable Belly looked so thoughtful. I know what he was thinking: "When is she going to give me more turkey?"
Sometimes, I even miss his girth crushing me when I was trying to sleep.

Yup, a candid shot of Belly's belly. He's a quarterback-size tabby kitty.
Belly is very special and as much as I tried to replenish my longing to him, I failed. He is the one kitty that touched my heart. When I visited Cambodia, I saw a litter of kittens on the boat and my heart melted. I just thought of these kittens to grow up and become somebody else's Bellys, to touch people's hearts the way Belly did to mine.

And this one kitten busted this move that almost made me bring him back to Vietnam:

 How that kitten learned this move is beyond my comprehension. But I swear the moment he started licking his paws, I only thought of Belly. However, Belly only did it to warn me. This kitten, being young and innocent, enjoyed the act.

Mama Cat and one of her babies.
Kitty: Mommy, can I go play outside?
Mama Cat: No! It's dangerous. We're on a boat, son.
Kitty: pwease, pweety pwease!
Mama Cat: I said no. Now go play with your siblings!
The whole litter, minus one or two kitties
Cambodia's Next Top Kitties. Today's theme is "Fear". Now, go ahead and work it!
(Belly Jr. is the one on the right.)
For now, I'm alleviating my pain of missing Belly by posting photos of cats (and dogs) that I took. Until we meet again, Big Boy!
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