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Oh hi!

Are you still here? I'm glad you do. It's been a while, I know. Believe me, I did not imagine the things I did since coming back to Vietnam. It all happened like this: bam, bam, bam, bam, bam! One thing after another. So far, I have been to many different places, traveled to 2 foreign countries, and helped my parents moved the whole house with 20+ years of stuff. Amazing, right?

But the cost is my unable to blog as often as I want. Also, I have ceased to wear makeup. I don't have time or the aspiration to do so. I have found a way to keep my skin in a better shape. Despite this extremely hot and humid weather, my face is almost flawless. Yes, it requires a lot of work and me drinking some bitter herbal potion but there's a price for everything. The question is whether you want it or not.

Lately, I have come to a realization regarding skincare: it's all coming from the inside. If your internal organs are functioning well, your skin is going to be nice-looking. I did not believe in this herbal potion at first but about a month later, my zits are almost gone! Also, I drink a lot of water and move around a lot. Living here and traveling forces me to move.

I have not been buying a single makeup item since coming here. Besides the stuff I brought from the States, I haven't added anything new to my stash. Yet, it seems excessive. I know I have missed a lot of sales and a bazillion MAC limited editions. But I didn't feel so bad about that. Quite frankly, I would be lying if I say I don't miss makeup at all. But now, I am more into doing other people's makeup than doing my own. To me, I am living in a strange place at a strange time.

But, but, but...when I saw this in Shanghai, I screamed:
 Yes, I miss Sephora THIS MUCH! Very, very much. You don't even know. I walked miles and miles to get into the shop and spray some Jurlique facial mist on my face. For a moment, life was good again and I was back to my old beauty addict self again.
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