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Hi everyone,

A couple nights ago, I went through my stash of eyeliners and realized I have so many brown eyeliners! I mean, where did they all come from? I didn't remember when I got all of them. And where are my black eyeliners? Except Blacktrack and another pencil liquid eyeliner, I don't even have a black one in pencil form. Curiouser and curiouser, right?

But once I played with my brown liners, I realized why I have them. I truly love brown eyeliners. Truly, really, incredibly in love with them. Also, each of them are different from each other, which make them so interesting to me.

My brown eyeliner stash, all 5 of them (for now!)
(L-R): MAC Teddy, L'Oreal Extra-Intense liquid pencil eyeliner in Bronze, Essence Long Lasting eye pencil in Hot Chocolate, Victoria's Secret chubby eye stick in Bronzilliant, and Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on eye pencil in Bourbon
 Wanna know why I love them so much? Jump!

First of all, here is a swatch picture:

Now, I do have oily eyelids and my eyeliners need to be smudge-proof. Otherwise, they don't belong in the stash. "Sorry, you are the weakest link," I say before tossing them away.

MAC Teddy eye kohl:
Although this is not the first brown eyeliner I've ever bought, I have an intense love for Teddy. It is a dark golden brown color with a touch of shimmer. Not too much to be glittery but enough to brighten up your eyes. Also, Teddy can be smudged out like a charm and glides on as easy as buttah.

Smudge-proofability: 3/5. Sadly, Teddy doesn't last all day since it's too soft. However, I tend to use it whenever I'm in a hurry. Apply haphazardly, blend, then line again and I have a soft smokey eyes look.

L'Oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil eyeliner in Bronze:
I got this at the dollar store and the next day found the same one at Walgreens for $8 or $9. I do hope L'Oreal did not discontinue it already. Bronze is an interesting eyeliner: it is in a lighter spectrum of the golden brown arch and it is sequin! Although I don't line it by itself, I'd like to combine it with Hot Chocolate for a more dynamic look. As it is a liquid pencil hybrid, it does feel more fluid. The feel is similar to UD 24/7 eye pencil.

Smudge-proofability: 4/5. This baby would not move an inch after it dried! However, it does not last that long.

Essence Long Lasting eye pencil in Hot Chocolate:
My friend Gio from Beautiful with Brains gave it to me. She swore by it and said I would love it. Not only did I love it, I think the Long Lasting formula from Essence rivals that of Revlon ColorStay. Yes, it is that good. Like ColorStay, this is a matte liner. Despite my love for fancy things, I do need a dark matte brown liner in my life. I'm thankful that Gio sent it to me.

Smudge-proofability: 5/5. I applied it early in the morning when I was in China and came back very late at night. Liner was still on my eyelids. Amazing!

VS Bronzilliant chubby eye stick:
Sadly, VS discontinued it a while ago. I love this chubby eye stick to pieces and the formula is very nice. I used it as a liner and an eyeshadow when I went to China. It lasted all day. Also, it makes a nice base, too!

Smudge-proofability: 5/5. It lasts and lasts until I take it off.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on eye pencil in Bourbon:
This is probably the most expensive pencil liner in the bunch if bought full size. However, I got a mini in a quad for $10. While everybody and their mamas seem to like the 24/7 formula, Bourbon didn't last on me. I applied it, walked away to do my own things, and it smudged. Of all the brown liners I have, Bourbon is the most glittery. The gold glitter specks are visible and I can feel them on my eyelids.

Smudge-proofability: 3/5. However, it makes a nice and glittery base.

I love these eyeliners and I hope it'll help those who are searching for a reliable one in brown. So, dear readers, tell me which one is your favorite? I'd love to hear from you.

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