Review: Kiehl's Lip Balm #1


Price: $7 for 0.5 fl. oz. Tube or $7.50 for 0.6 fl. oz. Jar at Kiehls

Temporarily protects and helps relieve chapped or cracked lips. Helps protect lips from the drying effects of wind and cold weather. 

How to use:
Apply liberally, and allow an excess of the balm to be absorbed. 


  • thick texture, reminds me of Vaseline
  • glides on smoothly
  • leaves lips shiny
  • leaves lips smooth
  • subtle and pleasant scent
  • contains SPF 4 sunscreen

  • expensive
  • applicator is not hygienical
  • it's basically the same as using plain old Vaseline

What I think:

The thing I instantly disliked about this product is the applicator: there's none! You have to press the tube to get some product out and then use your finger to apply it on your lips. See for yourself:

This is the average quantity needed to cover your lips.

I don't know, at this price, I guess I was expecting a decent applicator?

I instantly fell in love with the thick but smooth texture (think Vaseline), as my usual lipbalm is Burt's Bees Beeswax Lipbalm, and there's a world of difference between the two of them. While Burt's Bees goes on waxy and "hard", Kiehl's goes on smooth and leaves the lips shiny and soft. My boyfriend instantly noticed something when he kissed me after I had applied Kiehl's lipbalm: 
- Him: "Did you put something on your lips?" 
- Me: "Yes, my new Kiehl's Lipbalm..."
- Him: "Your lips are so soft!"

Overall, I'm very pleased with this lipbalm and I'm considering repurchasing it, but still, petrolatum is the main ingredient, so it's like using plain old Vaseline. Is it worth the price?

Recommend? yes

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