Review : Estée Lauder CyberWhite Brilliant Cells Skincare range

I was given a set of Estee Lauder CyberWhite Brilliant Cells skincare samples to review last month. Been using it for almost 3 weeks plus and finally now I could share with you girls how I think.

Estee Lauder Asia Research team conducted an extensive study on , unprecedented study to understand the physiology of Asian skin and what affects its overall tonality. They found that not all (dark) spots are created equally and they discovered 4 key factors that caused dullness and discoloration are dehydration, uneven skin texture, disorganized collagen and poor microcirculation .

There are 5 steps in Estee Lauder Comprehensive, Full Spectrum Brightening System which was formulated for the unique needs for Asian skin, addresses ever key factor that contributes to overall skin dullness while every key dark spot is brightened, providing skin a translucent luminosity that seems to radiate from deep within.

Step 1 : Cleanse

Estee Lauder CyberWhite Brilliant Cells Full Spectrum Brightening Cleanser 125ml -Rm140

Ultra-gentle skin cushioning foam that thoroughly eliminates the impurities from skin without disturbing its protective moisture barrier. Helps awake skin's youthful glow. Skin looks incredibly clean, fresh and clear

A foam cleanser is supposed to be lather up before putting in our face because we suppose to rub it gently on our face with the lather and it will clear off the dirt, oil and cleanse up the pores.

Tips how to foam up your cleanser
1) Take a pea size and place it at your wet palm
2) Add a few drops of water and start lathering by rubbing between your palms slowly
3) Repeat 2nd step, and by this time the lather will build up. Repeat the steps until you get the foam that you desired.
4) After that apply the foam on your face evenly and then using the foam to gently massage in on the face for 1 minute before rinse it off with water

The foam is fine, does the cleansing job properly and my face don't feel tight after cleansing. However do note that this cleanser comes with a strong smell of fragrance scent.

Step 2 : Prepare
Estee Lauder CyberWhite Brilliant Cells Full Spectrum Brightening Moisture Lotion 200ml for RM160

An instant of refreshing hydration infused with advance brightening technologies. Softens, soothes and conditions skin. An essential step that prepare skin to receive the full benefit of the entire CyberWhite system so that it looks flawless, luminous, and unbelievable bright.

After cleansing, the instruction to use this is to gently pat on face using cotton pad and avoid eye area. Once the lotion is pat on the skin, it took a while for the lotion to be fully absorb into the skin. I felt my face more moisture after patting the cotton wit lotion on my face. However do note that by patting too much, it will make the face feel sticky for a while. This lotion also have strong fragrance scent.

Step 3 : Repair

Estee Lauder CyberWhite Brilliant Cells Full Spectrum Brightening Essence 30ml for RM350

The silky, opalescent serum is formulated with the most advanced anti-spot and skin-illuminating that work in synergy to help your skin regain and maintain unprecedented level of clarity, translucency and radiance.

It comes in non-greasy lotion type and absorb into my skin as soon as I spread it on my face. I have used this serum alone for the past 3 weeks and my colleague compliment that my overall skin complexion looks brighter and moisture. And apparently my neck looks slightly a bit darker compare to my face now. However I have yet to see my stubborn pigmentation are getting lighter although my overall face complexion looks brighter and moisturize now.

Note : Since I was given a full size to try, will continue using this and update if there is any changes.

Step 4 : Moisturize
Estee Lauder CyberWhite Brilliant Cells Full Spectrum Brightening Moisture Creme 50ml for RM245

Deep down hydration and extra comfort in a luscious, skin nourishing creme. Helps to rebuild skin's moisturise barrier. Absorb easily so skin feels smoother, supple, looks luminous and more even toned.

The moisture creme is rich yet its light in texture and smooth upon application.

The creme does not absorb into my skin immediately after application hence I use the creme and massage it into my skin. I took only used a pea size and massage it on my whole face. The moisture cream is very hydrating and it is more suitable to use at night and if you long hour staying in air-conditioner room most of your time. My skin feel hydrated in the morning when I put this at the night. And if I used this creme at day time (without staying in the air-conditioning room), my face get a bit greasy at the T-zone area.

Do note that under this range, the moisturizer comes in 2 texture, the one that I tried is creme and another is milky lotion (100ml for RM210) which I did not get to try. I think this might be a better choice for me as the creme is too rich for my skin.

Step 5 : Protect
Estee Lauder CyberWhite Brilliant Cells Full Spectrum Brightening UV Protector SPH 50/PA+++ 30ml for

Super-sheer, extra gentle and fast absorbing. Empowers with anti-oxidants and soothing anti-irritants, it instantly illuminates while creating a smooth base for makeup to glide on.

The sunblock is lotion type and comes in white color.

The sunblock easily absorb into the skin without leaving any trace of white cast after application. And its a non-greasy lotion that feel comfortable on the skin.

Overall Comment: This CyberWhite Brilliant Cells series is not the normal brightening/whitening range (which is usually a bit drying on skin) because it provides very good moisturizing effect on top of the brightening/whitening effect. I do see my skin getting brighter and application of makeup is much more easier as skin are properly hydrated ( or I will say over-hydrated/moisture!!). Furthermore, I received compliment from my colleague one day after she was staring for me like few minutes that my face is fairer than my neck!!! Well I must admit that sometimes I forget to apply the serum on the neck! However there is one thing I need to highlight here, that the range is too moisturizing for some people and I happened to be one of them, because too my horror I am having breakout at T-zone and some parts of my face after continuously using it for more than 3 weeks . So when I stop using the range for a week for now, the skin goes back to normal ! So what I do now is either I using it alternate days the whole range, or I just just the serum solely mixing it with my other skincare.

Note : This skincare range comes with a strong fragrance which comes from a mixture of apple & juicy apricot, iris, rose and Muguet, sandalwood, mosses and musk which suppose to create relaxing and calming notes to help reduce any stress.

And also just to highlight under this post that Estee Lauder skincare Asia Research team introduced NEW CyberWhite Brilliant Cells Full Spectrum Brightening Powder Makeup SPH 25/PA+++ to be part of existing CyberWhite Brilliant Perfect Makeup collection which consists of Advanced Brightening GelCreme Makeup SPH 21/PA+ , Extra Brightening Concealer SPH 35/PA++ and Extra Brightening Loose Powder SPH 15/PA++

The NEW CyberWhite Brilliant Cells Full Spectrum Brightening Powder Makeup SPH 25/PA+++
Light-difussing, rosy-pink soft-focus pigments to help neutralize and prevent dullness, while minimizing visible imperfections, such as dark spots and uneven skin tone. Available in six shades, its stated to be sweat and humidity resistant, offering full, buildable coverage, stay true color, and a flawless, natural finish is sold at the counter for RM140 (refill) and RM48 (compact case)

p/s: I have yet to try this, will update once I try this :)

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