The Awesome Tinkle Eyebrow Razors

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I've been a fan of the Tinkle eyebrow razors as long as I can remember. Probably around high school, I came to a realization that my eyebrows weren't all that. Also was the fear of plucking them made me find high and low for a pain-free method of eyebrow shaping. With some luck, I found the Tinkle eyebrow razors at a supermarket. And then, years later, I bought another pack at the same place. Needless to say, the Tinkle razors have become a staple product to many makeup artists and addicts who need to groom eyebrows fast.

Tinkle eyebrow razors come in a set of 3.
 Wanna know how awesome these eyebrow razors are? Jump!

First of all, this is how a razor look:

It is not just a razor. It has a handle and a plastic cover. The whole thing is quite sturdy and comes in 3 colors: pink, green, and yellow.
Here is what makes the Tinkle razors special: the stainless steel cover. It protects your skin while the blade cuts away the hair. Awesome!
 About 10+ years ago, I bought my first pack of Tinkle and managed to use 3 of them. I went through the first two pretty fast while thinking the blades were dull. My bad. Since I only had one left and could not find a replacement, I used the last one of the pack for about 8 years! Yet, the blade was not even dull. After grooming my brows, I use a damp cloth to wipe the blade and let it dry before storing it with the cap on. This stuff is really amazing!

Unlike plucking or waxing, razoring away the eyebrows is a fast and pain-free method. There is no redness involves afterward. You only need to clean away the hair with a damp cloth and you're free to go. However, the result does not last that long. Depending on how fast your hair grow, you may need to touch up every week or so.

Another positive point for the Tinkle razors is you are not going to lose your eyebrows. You can razor them all away and they are going to grow back. It's like shaving, which does not cause micro-tears around the hair shafts to make the hair grow back thinner. Also, Japanese and Korean women prefer this method over plucking and waxing. To them, it does not involve tucking and pulling of the skin, which may result in losing collagen.

Last but not least, here's a picture of yours truly after a session with the Tinkle razor:

Amazing, huh? I spent about 5 minutes with the razor and my eyebrows looked really nice. Anyways, this picture was taken about 2 months ago. My eyebrows don't look like that anymore (but more about them in another time.) I am going to do an eyebrow grooming tutorial soon. It's been raining lately, which means the lightning is bad. But a promise is a promise ;) Stay tuned for the tutorial, y'alls!
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