Burning Makeup Question: When Did You Start Wearing Makeup?

Hello there, everyone!

Yes, it's time for another Burning Makeup Question. If you missed the debut post, click here.

Yes, Belly, you can haz a queshun. Also, I miss you, my baby boy!
Belly and I want to know when you started wearing makeup. Wanna know our answers? Jump!

Dao: I didn't wear full makeup (ie foundation and all that jazz) until sophomore year in college. It didn't last long, though, as I realized my skin broke out even more from the makeup. Not until I rediscovered mineral makeup without bismuth oxychloride that I started wearing makeup again. That was about less than a year before I started this blog.

Belly: makeup, what makeup? I'm gorgeous. I don't need any makeup.

How about you, dear readers? When did you start wearing makeup? Please let Belly and me know in the comment section. We'd love to read all about it!

and Belly!
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