Voda Swim Envy Push Up String Bikini

1 to 2 Cup Sizes Bigger!  
  • Looks just like a regular bikini
  • Gives breasts amazing cleavage, lift and support
  • Very low water absorbency
  • No sagging when wet
  • No under wiring
  • Patent pending    
Be Envied and let that amazing cleavage you have always desired! 
Voda Swim's patent pending Envy Push Up® bikini top is a marvel of engineering and design. It is made to maximize the subtle curves of a smaller bosom, creating a natural looking cleavage, and making breasts look up to two cup sizes larger. There's no stiff padding and no underwire but there is more going on than meets the eye. 
A unique material that doesn't absorb a lot of water helps the Envy Push Up® bikini top retain it's extraordinary fit even when wet. Other bikini tops loose shape, swell up like airline flotation devices, and look like sagging water balloons after the briefest immersion in water. 
The Envy Push Up® bikini top is also designed for action, and Voda Swim urges its wearers to do more than sunbathe. Voda Swim promises that women will get their share of admiring glances whether they're surfing, swimming or sailing.

I wouldn't say I'm complexed by my average breast size (I wear A and B cups, depending on the model of bras), but I do wear padded and push-up bras often. I think it just makes my boobs look prettier, and it's always nice to show a little cleavage.

I've never been concerned by the look of my breasts in a swimsuit, but when I first heard about padded bikinis, of course I was curious... and sceptical. When I was kindly given the opportunity to try Voda Swim Envy Push Up Bikini, I jumped at the chance without hesitation!

Pearl Envy Push Up® String Bikini
Crave sexy? Skin is in with this sexy string bikini! Voda Swim's original and still #1 Most Popular bikini style.

  • End caps are 14K gold plated and chlorine and salt water resistant
  • Body: nylon/spandex, lining: polyester/spandex
  • Fully lined
  • Top: ties at neck and back
  • Bottom: low coverage, classic cut or Brazilian cut
  • Made in USA

I chose their original String Bikini, but Voda Swim also carries lots of other styles such as One Piece, Tankini and Monokini.

The bikini came wrapped in a pretty purple silk paper

Here's a comparison of the claims from the Voda Swim website, along with my results:

Claims from the website

My results

As you can see, the results are pretty amazing! I still can't believe it!

There's something I must say though, I think I should have ordered a slightly larger size, but looking at their fit guide, I wasn't sure if Small or Medium would suit better as I wear almost all of those bra sizes. Well, as it's a swimsuit, I thought it would be better too small than too large, so I ordered it in Small, but sometimes I feel my boobs are a little squeezed in the cups. Nothing major, it's my mistake anyway, but I just thought I would warn you if you plan to order a Voda Swim swimsuit.

The end caps are 14K gold plated, which adds a touch of luxury to the bikini. They are also chlorine and salt water resistant.

However, I have only one bad thing to say about this swimsuit...

I found three little defects, one on each cup and another one on the bottom of the swimsuit. They aren't that apparent, but still, for $110.00, I guess I wasn't expecting that. The good thing is that Voda Swim immediately offered me an exchange for that! Talk about great customer service (:

Overall, I'm amazingly pleased with this bikini and I would recommend it to everyone! I'm pretty impressed at how well it gives a natural lift without stiff padding or uncomfortable underwire. Shh, it's a secret, but I even wear it as a push-up bra sometimes =P

Available colors:

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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review,  I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the product was free absolutely does not influence my opinion. 

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