Because Once Isn't Enough, I Wash My Face Twice

Hi everybody,

Thank you for the warm welcome-back messages from yesterday's post. You guys make me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside :)

As I mentioned on that post, I am traveling on the sans-makeup road. Let's be clear: I miss the intricacy of applying makeup. But right now, the weather doesn't allow me to do so. On top of that, I don't even have time for it. However, I'm determined to keep my skin at tip-top shape. That involves a lot of work since I'm fighting an uphill battle of heat, humidity, environmental pollution, and hormone imbalances (y'know, those days of the month!)

Living in a tropical area means one big thing: moisture is your enemy. You can't add more moisture on your skin by using lotions and potions and such. If you have oily and acne-prone skin like mine, doing so equals to committing dermal suicide. I learned my lesson after about a week living here and seeing how bad my skin looks. Therefore, I decided to switch up my skincare routine and so far, it works.

This is probably nothing new to some of you but I only wash my face with face wash once a day. In the morning, I use a microfiber washcloth (the type people use to wash cars) and plain ole water to wash my face. In the evening, it's time for me to bring in all the bells and whistles. I use 2 types of face washes:

1. A scrub:
Thorakao Turmeric Grain Face Cleansing Milk ($18,000 VND ~.85 USD)
To be honest with you, I don't know if this product is available outside of Vietnam. It's (a) dirt cheap, (b) is a decent scrub, and (c) has natural turmeric grains to exfoliate. If you live in a Vietnamese community in the States, you'll probably find it but with extremely marked up price.

I used this product when I was a teen but didn't think much of it. It was a decent scrub at the time but the one I'm using now is even better. As a facial cleanser, it does a mediocre job to clean your face. However, as an exfoliator, I think it's way better than those St. Ives facial scrubs. It's a non-foaming cleanser packed with turmeric grains. They are not too harsh or chunky but their sizes are decent enough to satisfy the scrub addict in me.

Turmeric has anti-inflammation properties that helps calming the skin. As a scrub, it works really well to fade my scars. My mom, without knowing me using this scrub, asked me why my acne scars faded so fast. In my two step cleansing process, I use this first to exfoliate my skin before proceeding on washing it with ...

2. A face wash

Vichy Pureté Thermale Purifying Foaming Cream Cleanser ($18 USD)

I received this as a gift from Dr. Baumann. She selected it for my OSPT skin type. I've heard about Vichy, a French skincare brand, before. One of my former roommates, who is French-Vietnamese, used Vichy and had amazing-looking skin. Therefore, I was delighted to try the new Pureté Thermal cleanser.

Please don't let the words "cream cleanser" scare you. This is probably one of the cleanest face wash I've ever tried. It is scent-free, does not contain SLS, and most importantly, does not leave a film on my face after I wash it out. Yes, this stuff gives me squeaky-clean skin.

Since the Thorakao Turmeric wash tends to leave my face a tad oily, I use this Vichy facial cleanser to totally remove all the oil out. Before, it was uncharacteristic of me to do so. But living in Vietnam taught me the importance of having a clean face. With the Vichy, my face is clean and smooth. I like this product so much that I take it with me whenever I travel. From Cambodia to Vietnam to China, I did not even have a single zit when I was on the road!

Now, here is an important question: Who would benefit of this two-step cleansing method?

People with oily skin, of course! I would not advise those who have severe acne or sensitive skin to go ahead to scrub and wash. However, the Vichy Pureté Thermal cleanser is suitable for every skin type but especially formulated for those with sensitive skin. If you need a new facial cleanser, I highly recommend it.

That's all for now, folks! I'd love to hear what you think about this. How do you wash your face?

Disclaimer: The Thorakao turmeric grain wash was already available at home. The Vichy Pureté Thermale face wash was a gift. This entry is a reflection of my own experience. What works for me may not work for you, as we are different people with different skincare needs.

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