Alien Invasion!!! {Wordless Wednesday - 5/18}

These guys (Praying mantis Nymphs) are about 1/2" long!

 Aren't they cute?!

I had found the egg pod on a walk a month ago. I read that there has to be a few weeks of consistently warm weather (around 75 degrees F) before they would hatch. So, I brought it inside. The cat found it - repeatedly - and kept waking me up at night batting it around in the kitchen. I finally got up and set it high on the pantry. I was getting some cereal a few days ago and I saw something dart over my hand. Yep - one of these guys. After an hour of searching, I found about 25 of them! It's too cold outside for them right now, so I brought in a plant for them. Now they're happily devouring the aphids for me! I sure hope it gets warm soon - hubby's freaking out LOL!

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