WINNER! Frozen Creek Woodworks

Man, I hated giving this truck away! I had to make sure Little Guy was out of the room or sleeping whenever I needed to get the picture of the truck for linkies, etc. But, now I can stop playing stealthy mom because I have a lucky winner...

Congratulations to #75, Anastasia!

Anastasia said... 75 Reply to comment

would really love to have the Cute Handpainted Rocking Horse! ecoblogz at _______ dot com

And (you should be getting used to this by now!), there is still a discount code available! I noticed a LOT of you really liked the ducky push toy and the train set. Hurry up before they're gone - these things are handmade, so it's not like there are 10 of them sitting on a shelf somewhere!

To get 10% off your order from 
just use MCCRENSHAW when you check out!

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