Found My Lost Blogger Posts!!! Here's how...

I found them!!! Yay!

If you subscribe to your own emails and opt to show the entire post in the email, you can just copy and paste - that simple. I deleted my email and it's now in yahoo mail's never-never land, so I couldn't do that.

If you don't subscribe or you did what I did, check out your RSS feed. I have my feed on my Google homepage. When I click the little + sign to expand the post, everything in the post shows up. I just copied and pasted the lost post into a new post. The only thing I had to do was add my photos and links again. MUCH easier than trying to remember what the heck I wrote in the first place.

And, for those really important posts, try writing them in Word or Office and saving them. I don't save every post, but the ones that are special to me or that took a long time to write are saved in my document files. I go through about once a month and purge out the ones that I no longer need,

I hope some of you manage to find your lost posts! I know how long it can take to write just a short, two paragraph post when you want to get it just right!

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