Handmade Giveaways! {May 16 until ???}

I have won some really cool things in blog giveaways over the past six months. The best prizes have been from the giveaways sponsored by Etsy shops or other handmade businesses. I was going to write reviews on each shop as a thank you, but we all know that a review without a giveaway will only be read by die-hard readers or those who are already looking to buy. So, instead, I decided that I would thank the shops by actually buying from them (what an idea!) Then, I got to thinking... to really thank these people, why not buy and give away some of their pieces of work? That way, I can not only help them out by buying from them, but I can get a whole slew of new people to check out the great stuff they offer.

Photos are just a few of the giveaway prizes. I am still working on this... I'll stop posting giveaways when I run out of money!

And now, things are coming together! I have earmarked $100 on my PayPal account for giveaways that will start on Monday, May 16th. Each day, I will add a new giveaway. The majority of the giveaways will be from Etsy shops. Many of the shop owners have added to the giveaways, offered to cover the shipping costs, and/or are offering some pretty great discounts to my readers.

So, if you're interested in joining in on these giveaways, why not like me on Facebook or sign up for emails so you can be sure to find out about them? Both are very easy to do - just look over there to the right and you'll find the little "like" button in my Facebook widget (yeah, I know - you don't even have to go to Facebook to like me. How simple is THAT?!) And there's that FeedBurner box right over there, too, where you simply add your email address, put the stupid Captcha in, and then, when you get around to checking your emails you can confirm. PLUS, those are two of the extra entries into all of the giveaways! The Facebook liking will get you one entry and the email subscription can get you a whopping three entries!

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