Puddle Jumping! {Wordless Wednesday 6/1}

Early Saturday evening, we had some storms blow through that sent us into the basement for about 1/2 hour. I have never seen a downpour quite like the one we experienced - there was so much rain that you couldn't see 2 feet in front of you. Well, after a downpour like that, you just know that there had to be really good puddles to jump in! So, Little Guy and I ventured out into mosquito-filled the evening and went searching...



Soldiers & Sailors Park memorial to all of those from our county lost in every war, all the way back to the Indian Wars.

"Splish, splash, sploosh!"

Thanks to the storm, we got to see a BEAUTIFUL sunset! (Sorry about the focus - no time with a little one running around loose)

This last one is to highlight the Muddy Butt (Little Guy's newest nickname.) As we looked for puddles, I kept steering him away from the deer and/or muddy ones. Well, he decided he was done listening to Mommy because HE could do it himself. Just as I said, "NOooooooo...", he jumped with all of his might into a puddle that I knew was going to be extra deep & especially muddy - it was from a truck tire that has gotten stuck in the mud a week before and we'd walked past it often. Before he knew it, he was up to his waist in this puddle, his feet stuck in the thick mud at the bottom. After I finished laughing at the astonished face he made, I fished him out. The rest of the way home, he kept saying how, "Mommy saved me in puddle, " and, "I listen Mommy next time!" Well, I hope the lesson was learned (though, I doubt it.)

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