Instant Home Remedies For Bad Body Odour.

Make a paste of gram flour mixed with curd. Apply it all over your body before taking bath. It helps in reducing bad body odour.

A glass of water mixed with wheat grass consumed every morning will also treat bad body odour.

Baking soda is also a very good home remedy for bad body odour. Apply it to the armpits , it kills bacteria and absorbs body odour.

After having bath add add a tablespoon of honey to tepid water for the final wash. It also reduces bad body odour.

Dried Bael leaves and Shikakai in powdered form can also be used to bath to reduce bad body odour.

Inhaling Basil juice helps to overcome Bad Body Odour from nose.

For a long lasting freshness, add some drops of pure rose water to your bath water.

Add baking soda to lemon juice and apply it to the armpits. It also cures bad body odour.

In summer, add a cup full of vinegar to your bath water or add a cupful of camphor oil to your bath water to reduce body odour.

Drinking carrot juice everyday also solves the problem of bad body odour.

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