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Lately, I've found myself staring at the screen and lemming about makeup. Maybe lemming does not fully describe my status. It's more of uncontrolled drooling while looking at makeup swatches. Really, this is insane!

Of all the buzzes I've read online, Inglot rings a church bell. I was very impressed of the pigmentation and variety of colors available. A reviewer did not do anything more than touching her finger to the pan and a whole lot of bright pigmentation attached to it. My mouth dropped to the floor when I saw it!

Price-wise, Inglot products are very affordable. Most of the items are $11-12 and I don't see a lot of colors to price beyond $14 USD. Their AMC lip glosses are pretty great and I've heard so many raves about their eyeliners. However, the real intrigue lays in this:

The Freedom System!
If you are familiar with MAC 15-pan makeup palette, Inglot Freedom System is similar. However, Inglot took a step further by fully magnetizing their palettes to make them stackable. Yes, that's right. You can put whatever color combinations to the palettes and stack them on top of each other. They are extremely sturdy and I have seen reviewers having trouble taking colors out.

Now, you see why I'm so hyped up with Inglot? But that's not all! The prices of the refills are insanely inexpensive. For eyeshadows, a single square will cost you $7 USD, but if you buy more, the price will drop ($5 each if you buy 3, and $4.50 each if you buy 10.) Which means, if you fill a 10-pan palette, the cost would be $65 USD ($45 for eyeshadows and $20 for the pan.)

Just do the math, if you go with MAC, it will cost you $11 USD/refill x15 +$15 (for the pan) = $180 USD!
But if you buy from Inglot, the whole 15 eyeshadows with pans will cost you $97.5 USD. Almost half-price!

But we're not done yet, the Inglot pan actually weights more than the MAC pan (2.7g vs. 1.5g.) Therefore, you get more products at a much cheaper price.

Now, we can shop online with Inglot, which makes me very excited. I've seen tutorials done with their eyeshadows and they all blew me out of the water. The pigmentation is insane! If you don't believe me, just watch Xparkage's Green and Purple Inglot look below:

Insane, isn't it? I can't wait to get my hands on some Inglot eyeshadows. I know if you go to trade shows like IMATS or The Makeup Show, you'll get the whole palette with makeup for $40 or so. Those of you who got a chance to enjoy Inglot makeup are so lucky. I envy you and hope you enjoy your makeup :)

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