Tutorial: Shaping Eyebrows with the Tinkle Brow Razor

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Last week, I wrote a quick review on the Tinkle eyebrow razors. I mentioned that I would do a tutorial on eyebrow shaping using this tool. Well, tada! Here it is!

First of all, you don't really need a lot of things to shape the eyebrows if you use this method. Beside the Tinkle razor, you only need a name card.

Seriously, these are all you need!
 Secondly, if you don't know how to frame your eyebrows, this tutorial should help. That was how I used to do my brows but now, I don't need to frame them anymore since my eyebrows are embroidered now (more on it later!)

So yes, step 1 would be drawing a frame of your eyebrow. This would give you a shape of how things are supposed to look. Like the previous tutorial, you would remove the unwanted hair away from the frame and keep the rest looking well-groomed.

My left eye with Chewbacca-ish eyebrow
Before, I would have used some kind of light powder to cover the eyebrow area I'd like to keep. Now, I already have the frame from the eyebrow embroidery.
 The rest of the tutorial is after the jump. So jump!
Step 2: use the name card to wedge on the top part of the eyebrow

Like this...
 ...and use the Tinkle razor to shave away the unwanted hair. I learned shaving it from the top down is better than from the bottom up, as I can remove as much or as little hair as I'd like.

Step 3: do the same to the lower part of the eyebrow

Then wipe away the hair. Repeat on the other side and tada! You're done!

This is how my eyebrows look after shaping with the Tinkle razor
 Optional: if your eyebrows are too light, you can darken them with eyebrow pencil or powder. I used Ardell brow powder and a slanted eyeshadow brush from EcoTools.

This is hella fierce!
Skin sans makeup, btw.
About eyebrow embroidery:

Although I didn't hate my eyebrows, I had a major problem shaping them. My eyes actually look like this O_0 and as a result, my eyebrows are not even. You guys probably didn't realize this because I took pictures of myself with some really flattering angles.

Eyebrow embroidery hurts. It is semi-permanent and lasts from 5 to 10 years. The process is micro-tattooing fine lines that resemble hair to the eyebrow area. It took about an hour to embroider both of my eyebrows and I got some antibiotic gel to take home with me to care for my brows. After a few days, the areas began to itch and I did my best not to scratch. Otherwise, the whole thing would be messed up.

Then, a month later, I went back for a touch up and bought a jar of brow care balm. The second time was a lot faster and less painful to me. I got in and out in less than half an hour. It does itch as much, either.

I guess the new eyebrows go well with my face. They don't look fake to me but look more like I had some brow powder on.

Would I recommend this procedure to people?

Well, it depends. If you already have some fantastic eyebrows, then I would not recommend this to you. However, if you have problem shaping your brows and/or have thinning brows, this would definitely help.

But my biggest concern is where to get it done. I went to a highly reputable place in Saigon. My mom and a few cousins went there to get their brows done before and they all look fantastic. Unlike other places, this place actually pain the brows to match your face. I wanted more of an Angelina Jolie's eyebrow style but the brow artist convinced me I would look too fierce. She was right. I ended up with something less archy but the eyebrows are more "me." In fact, she just extended the ends for me. If you touch my eyebrows, the hairs are still there.

I guess eyebrow embroidery is getting more and more common in Vietnam. I'm not sure about other Asian countries, though. Also, I'd like to keep everything transparent around here. You guys can easily go through my archive and realize my eyebrows look different. This is not even cosmetic surgery, maybe low-core tattooing at a very sensitive place but that's about it. I made it my policy not to deny the things I did or go around and say that I naturally look this way but in fact I don't. There's no point of doing so. I hope you guys get the point I'm trying to make.

That's all for now. This is a 2-in-1 post with a Tinkle brow shaping tutorial and some information on eyebrow embroidery to boost. I hope you like it. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or email me. I'd love to hear from you.

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