Very Important And Necessary Skin Care Tips For Summer.

I have already discussed about how to care skin in summers in my previous post. skin care techniques must be modified as per the changes in the seasons and weather conditions so as to fittingly combat the varying climates. In the post, I had included some aspect of summer season that creates problem to our skin. And I would rather say, summer is the better time to get all the know-how on  skin care so that you can start towards prevention and win the battle against sun damage and ageing skin. The blog post had a little knowledge about skin care tips for summer. So, I thought to explore my knowledge deeply.
Try avoiding skin exposure to the sun when it is the most powerful from 11am to 4 pm.
You should use sunscreen on your face, hands and feet as well when you go out.
Use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 to blocks UVA and UVB rays.
Wear long-sleeved shirt and wide-brimmed when you go out.

Use alpha-hydroxy lotions also to keep skin smooth and clear.

Choose summer special products for your skin.

Water intake should also be increased during  summer. Hard drinks should also be cut down and replaced by natural and cooling drinks such as juices and herbal teas. During the summer, fatty and oily foods should be minimised.  Instead, one should increase intake of water and fibrous foods.
The best fruits for your skin during this season would be hydrating agents such as melons and citrus fruits.
There is no reason to be afraid if you have provided your skin with the right protection against the glaring sun. It will to give you that flawless glowing summer skin that you desire.
If you follow above mentioned skin care suggestions for summers, your skin will  be better and soft.
So TRY it and FEEL it.

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