Home Remedies For Daily Care Of Feet In Just Couple Of Minutes.

The skin on your feet needs to be taken care of in the same manner as the skin of your face. It needs to be cleaned, exfoliate and moisturize like other parts of body
Firstly, I would suggest to choose footwear made of natural materials to help your feet breathe.
Pamper your feet with warm soapy water everyday. Go for a natural foot massage at least once a week for stimulating your foot nerve endings.
To prevent cracks and infections, it is necessary to remove the dead cells of the foot skin on a regular basis. Pumice stone or foot scrub can be used for this purpose.
Dip paper towels into a mix of half water and half lemon juice and apply on to your feet. This will soften, smooth and remove odors from your feet.
Cooling Foot and Body Powder are some natural foot care homemade recipes which absorbs moisture and provides great relief besides antiseptic and antifungal cover.
Exfoliating Foot Mask provides relief to the dry and toughened foot skin. Foot Deodorant Powder is completely natural and refreshing for the skin.
Choose socks containing at least 70 per cent cotton or wool. Change stockings or socks at least once a day.
Since the foot soles do not have any oil glands, there is a tendency for the foot skin to become dry, so moisturize your feet properly after cleaning them.

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