REN Mother's Day Workshop in Tangs Pavilion

Received this email from Tangs last week but just read it today !

So I called up Tangs around 10am, shock when Tangs customer service personnel has no idea on this workshoand started passing my calls around. And found out REN SA not at work yet!!

So spoke to Sharon, Tangs Customer Service Manager, she aware of the workshop but has no ideas of the details. Fortunately she is kind enough (after hearing my frustrated voice) to check and called me back. The only thing she found out (since SA still not at work yet!) is to buy RM100 voucher(fully redeemable) and attend the workshop. Door gift RM150.

Only 1 hour later REN SA called me to tell me the full details. This is hand massage workshop and door gift is not full size but rather its travel set size according to the SA, and there are 2 sessions available.

But I think I'll give it a miss !

Anyone going ?

For more info call, 03-21487009

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