Orange Is A Home Remedy For Skin Problems Such As Acne,Skin Pigmentation,Scars,Blemishes And Wrinkles.

Orange is a good source of vitamin C. Orange peel has become a popular home remedy for curing acne. When oranges are in season, dry orange peels in shade. Powder finely in a grinder and sift it to make it a very fine powder. Store in an air tight bottle for future use. Make a paste of this orange peel powder and water. Apply this paste on affected areas. Regular application of this paste will cure the problem of acne completely.

The mild bleaching property of orange juice helps to reduce skin pigmentation. Make a paste with yellow lentils, dried orange peels and milk. Apply it on the face till dry. Wash it off with lukewarm water.

Blanch and grind a couple of almonds to a paste and mix in two tablespoons of milk and one tablespoon each of carrot and orange juice. Apply thickly on face and neck and leave on for half an hour. Removes scars and blemishes from the face and makes it soft and smooth.

Orange also contains anti aging ingredients. Apply a paste of 2 tbsp of orange juice, 1 tsp honey, and 4 tbsp oatmeal on the skin. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash it off.

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