Review: PureDerm Cucumber Collagen Mask

Hi everyone,

I've been into cloth masks a lot lately. My friends McNunu and Sooji gave me some masks to try and they really hooked me up on these masks.

PureDerm Cucumber Collagen Mask, a gift from Sooji
To be honest, I'm plain lazy. Using the regular clay mask from the tube is hard work for me: I have to spread the goo on my face, wait for it to dry, clean it out, clean the sink, and apply moisturizer. If that's not hard work, I don't know what it is. The cloth mask, on the other hand, is a one-stop solution. I only need to pop open the pack, get the mask out, slap it on my face, chillax for half an hour, take it off, and go to bed. In most case, I don't even need to rinse. In the morning, I wake up, wash my face, and voila, my skin glows like J.Lo!

I tore open the pack and out came this sheet. It looked like something Freddy would like to wear :)

Unlike the My Beauty Diary masks, this one is made of pulp instead of cloth. It is a lot thinner but to me, it does not feel as constricted. I spread it out and put on my face

Like this!
This mask has cut out holes for your eyes, lips, and nose. It also has slits on the sides for a better fit. I have big face, y'all, but this sheet mask fit my face pretty well. Also, it is very hard to pose when you have a cloth mask on your face. Tyra should use this in one of her challenges in America's Next Top Model. So far, I've used 6 masks and still couldn't do zip to improve my posing!

After about 2 hours (!) I know the direction said 20 minutes but I just like to leave the mask longer
I took off the mask and squeezed the remaining serum out of the bag to apply on my skin. Then, I high-tailed to bed to get my beauty sleep.

The next morning, after washing my face
The glow is still there. On top of that, my skin was so soft and smooth. Like baby smooth, y'all! I love it so much but unfortunately, I only had one mask to use :(

The back of the pack
Direction and Instruction
This PureDerm mask is made in Korea but the company was kind enough to include English in the package. Also, the ingredients are in English, which is helpful for those who do not read and understand Korean. I find this mask to be soothing and moisturizing. The smell is also light and not obnoxious. Also, it didn't break out my skin.

If you ask me where to get it or how much it costs, I have no idea. However, if you find it, please get yourself some. This mask is really nice for my skin and I wish there were a Korean store in town so I could get me some more.

Legal: this product was a gift from a friend. For more information on My Makeup Blog's disclosure policy, click here.


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