Free 3 days trial of Freshlook Illuminate lenses!

I received an email from Nuffnang last night, found out that Freshlook Illuminate is giving out 3 days trial contact lens ! I am exciting to try out definitely because it says that FreshLook Illuminate lenses are made using a revolutionary dual-layer printing technology to match the natural brown and black shades of Asian eyes.

Of course quickly I went to sign up...somemore they will send to my doorstep for free!!!!

Smart. I don't remember my eyes power. I know it has been reduced after 15 years wearing glasses when I checked it last year.

*Knock my head, loss of memory*

So anyone of you who are interested to get the 3 days trial Freshlook Illuminate lenses, quickly hop to to redeem now ! Ahem...make sure you know your power okay first.

Note : This is for Malaysian/ people living in Malaysia only.

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