EcoTools Eye Brush Set: Eco-Chic and Fabulous!

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When it comes to environmentally friendly and reliable brushes, EcoTools get the gold star. Since I bought the EcoTools 6-piece eye brush set, I haven't touched my other eye brushes. I know, somewhere in my makeup drawer, a MAC brush is crying.

EcoTools 6-piece bamboo eye brush set

The set costs $7.99 USD but the day I purchased, I also got a $3 store coupon so it cost me less than a dollar a brush. I know, it is difficult to find a reliable brush that's made of recycled aluminum, synthetic taklon, and bamboo handle for $5, let alone the whole set for the same price. I guess I am just lucky.

It has a mini brush roll made of hemp and a mirror
When folded, the set is a bit bigger than a deck of card. You can toss it into your purse and still have plenty of room.
Top-bottom: EcoTools blend brush, MAC 239SE, EcoTools eyeshadow brush
From the above picture, the brushes in this set are short. In fact, they are even shorter than MAC special edition brushes. I don't find it difficult to use them at all. However, for those with big hands, they may be a bit small for you.

EcoTools blend brush
This is the chubbiest brush I've ever owned. Because of the size, it makes applying eyeshadow faster since it can grab more material. Also, the pointed tip makes the outer-v a lot sharper than usual. Since I have small eyes, blending is a bit more difficult so I don't use it to blend. It is strictly for applying makeup.

EcoTools crease brush
Remember I told you earlier about a MAC brush crying? Well, that one is my beloved MAC 217. While I love the 217 very much, I find it difficult to dissipate colors sometimes. Also, my outer-v area can be blurry when I want a sharp and define v. This crease brush is the solution. With its tapered edge, it looks like a mini version of your slanted blush brush. In fact it functions the same way as MAC 275 angled shading brush but it is bigger. I really love this brush and please don't let the chunky size fool you. It actually works very well.

EcoTools highlight brush
Looks like a blending brush but doesn't work as a blending brush, this brush has some sort of identity crisis going on. At first, I thought I could use it to blend the way MAC 217 does. However, this brush is neither thick nor strong enough for blending. The shape, on the other hand, fits perfectly for the areas underneath the brow bone and the inner corner of the eyes. It just takes time to get used to the functionality but to me, this is a good brush.

EcoTools shade brush
Although it is designed to add emphasis on the outer corner of your eyes, I find it too small and soft to do that. I use it for detailed work and this brush doesn't get a lot of air time. It is just one cute little brush that I am trying to find more ways to use.

EcoTools smudge brush
Like the shade brush, this smudge brush is too soft to work like MAC 219 pencil brush. I find it difficult to smudge out pencils. However, it applies dark eye shadows close to the lash line like a charm!

I highly recommend this eye brush set for anyone who's looking for a cute, portable brush set for travel. I use it on a daily basis now and it is very soft to my skin. Also, it doesn't take a lot of space at all. With that price, you can buy 2 sets and still have some change left for candies. I love EcoTools brushes very much and this set does not disappoint.

Legal stuff: I bought this brush set with my own money. For more information regarding My Makeup Blog's disclosure policy, click here.

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