Multi-tasking to the Next Level!

Hi everybody!

Thank you for your kind words on the opening of my Etsy shop. I really appreciate it! Today, I've been busy with all things Formula D related: taking, cropping, and editing photos, writing item descriptions, sorting things out, and posting each and every single item on my store. On top of that, I am juggling between Blogger, Etsy, and Twitter.

 And guess what? I am not doing so well with multi-tasking! *bite nails...hard*

To the reader who suggested me to do swatches: it is in my agenda. Tomorrow, I am going to take a bunch of swatches on my body, probably from head to toes, label them, and upload to Etsy. I understand how difficult it is to get an accurate picture of the colors. My camera can go so far when it comes to capture colors and I find the best way is to film in direct sunlight.

About samples: I will definitely have samples for blushes, powder, and foundation. I thought about doing eyeshadow samples but Etsy has this listing charge of 20 cents per item plus 3.5% commission price. In order to see the sunlight and make some profits, I have to price a sample more than a dollar each. When you compare to the full price ($3.99), I guess you realize it's better to purchase the whole jar.

 Yes, that's the downside of dealing mineral makeup on Etsy. As much as I want to offer you 50 cent samples, I can't :( And I'm very sad! I may do a sample bundle though. We will see!

If you haven't seen my shop yet, it is right here :) If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me here, my email, twitter, or at Etsy.
This is the Nine, my favorite colors (click for a bigger picture!)
That's all for today, folks! Thanks for staying with me! Now, go watch Glee or something :)

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