Home Remedies To Remove Brown Spots On Face In Just Few Steps.

Although, make up helps in hiding brown spots to a certain extend, it is necessary to control the psychological factors, so as to cure these permanently. Learn the cheapest safest way to diminish brown spots. It is safe natural and works. Unlike other aging symptoms you can easily erase the age spots very easily with easy home remedies.
Heat honey slightly and apply to face, tap face gently with your fingers. Wash it off with warm water then rinse with cool water.
Rub fresh aloe vera juice or gel on the age spots twice a day for one or two months. This can easily fade them.
Apply sour lemon cream on your face. Gently wipe off with a soft tissue and top it up with a moisturizer.
Apply Orange juice to the affected area twice a day. It helps in reducing brown spots.
Apply castor oil on the age spots twice daily. Rub the castor oil well into the skin. The age spots will disappear within one month.
Wash your face with sour milk. Lactic acid promotes gentle peeling of skin minus the irritation or dryness.
Chop up an onion, squeeze the juice out of and dip a cotton ball into the juice. Put this on your age spots, it diminishes spots.
Apply olive oil or vitamin E at night before going to bed.Apply sunscreen at least half an hour before you go out. Also, make it a routine to reapply it at regular intervals throughout the day.
The other precaution that you can take is to wear clothes that will prevent your skin from coming into direct contact with the sun.

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