Home Remedies To Make Dark Elbows Smooth And Silky.

Following are some simple tips to have smooth Elbows.
Warm milk applied on elbows is a very effective whitener and softener.
With 1 tablespoon of butter, ½ teaspoon of fine marine salt and another one of almond oil prepare a moisturizing cream. Apply it with circular movements, wash thoroughly after 10 minutes.
Take a lemon and cut in two. Dip your elbows into the lemon halves,  and stay for about 10 minutes. When done, rinse off the lemon juice and apply moisturizing lotion, vaseline. Repeat next day if the result wasn't sufficient.
Equal parts of rose water and glycerin also help soften the elbow skin.
Rubbing a rough elbow skin with kitchen salt also helps.

Put melon or watermelon slices for 30 minutes.
Mix one tablespoon of unused coffee grounds, to one-fourth cup of liquid glycerin soap. Wet your elbows with warm water and rub the mixture of coffee grounds and glycerin soap.

Applying turmeric powder along with limejuice removes the tan. Limejuice is a natural bleach. 

Vinegar diluted in water makes elbows smooth and white

Mix lemon juice with 1 tablespoon of sugar, apply and wash it after half an hour.

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