Belly at Large: The Bag Exchange Program

Yo! What's up my home girls? Dao's not here today, she has to attend a memorial service which leaves yours truly in charge. Yay!

Before she left, Dao said, "Belly, don't make a mess, ok? And don't watch movies until I come home."

Whatevs, woman! I'm in charge now. So the first order of action is to rub my fur all over the carpet. And on her sitting mat, I leave extra fur for Dao to enjoy. Belly: 1- Dao: 0, big smile kitties!

Then, I found this movie "he's just not that into you", watched it and felt asleep.

I heart ScaJo, I dreamed of Scarlett Johansson to feed me yummy cat food ^.^
Oh, snap! I overslept! I need to write something before the mamarazzi comes home. I don't want her to dodge my cat food. She just upgraded it to something tuna and salmon and I don't want to eat that chicken flavor cardboard thing ever again! Quick, quick, quick, Belly! Think of something!

Aha, here it is! The Bag Exchange Program from Target
Basically, you send 5 plastic bags to Terracycle in an envelope made out of that page of circulation and Target will email you a 1-dollar off coupon to buy a reusable bag in the future. Cool, huh?

So I found 5 Target shopping bags, folded them, tapped the sides of the ad to make an envelope...

...wrote Dao's name and email address so they'll send me the coupon for my new bag. It's hard work for a cat, y'all!
I got scotch tape all over my paws! I hope the mamarazzi will not keep the new bag because I want it for my cat food shopping/expedition. But I have to rely on her info since I don't have an email address. I'm a cat, remember?

For more information on Earth Day at Target, click here. This is hella cool and I hope you'll take advantage of it.

Love, peace, and tuna fish*,
Mr. Belly

*only eco-friendly tuna fish, and eat sparingly because some certain tuna species are in the verge of extinction.

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