Review : MAC Fashionista Workshop

Last Wednesday attended the MAC Fashionista Workshop at KLCC, I arrived around 6.45 and to my surprise I was the only participant who is there among the 10 participants which has registered.. I thought the event is canceled, lucky some the participants turn up by 7pm. And Fatin was personally selected by Syahidah (The Senior Makeup Artist) to the model of the day. So we were told to sit around them in a U shape to listen to her demo (I thought it was a hands-on workshop..!) Anyway Syahidah went to introduced herself and the team and start transforming Fatin (from strange cat to beautiful cat!). Along the way, she introduced their star product which will be used on Fatin's face. And the SA will bring the items to us and let us try at hand.. We were also allowed to stop her to ask question as well, which the participants quickly took the opportunity.
This is Syahidah going to perform magic on Fatin!
p/s : She looked so trill!

Her complexion is flawless and radiant after the makeover, the eyes was enlarged and Syahidah show us how to do contouring on her face too.

p/s: She looked like ready to hit the club.

My again "naked" face ! When I asked for a makeover from one of the SA to try and see the result of the products, she said full makeover like Fatin will be charged O.0 Instead I got a mini makeover... After the makeover I realized there is no lipstick/ligloss neither there are mascara which make me feel kinda weird, so I went to apply myself ^.^

Items used

1) Fix + Brume Fixante Spray - RM68
2) Prep + Prime Skin Base Vintage - RM98
3)Studio Perfect SPH 15 Foundation in NW35 - RM160
4) Pearl Matte Face Powder - RM105
5) Coppertone Matte Powder Blush - RM75
6) Star Harvest Eyeshadow Limited Ed - RM58
7) Coquette Eyeshadow Limited Ed - RM58
8) Paint Pot Bare Study - RM70
9) Graph Black Technakohl Kajal Liner - RM62
10) Brush No 129 for Powder/Blush - RM140
11) Brush No 239 for eyeshadow - RM103
12) Brush No 195 for cream blusher - Rm100

I love the foundation NW35 to max even though its powder foundation only, my face was so smooth *licin licin until can tergelincir* , I am seriously considering to get this instead of the Clinique SuperMoist one which I thought of buying it in Hong Kong after mine current finished. Of course their Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage helps in giving a proper base before foundation.

I am lemming about their brushes too!!!

And I applied myself the MAC Mascara Zoom Lash in Black and MAC Colour Me Coral Lipstick.

The MUA who draw draw me!

The doorgift

MAC Pro Eye Make Up Remover in 30 ml and Salabianca's Bracelet

Lots of booklets that introduces their products and tips on makeup!

Braclet from Salabiance, bling bling can go disco tonight liao!

Thanks Suria KLCC and MAC for organising this, as I do picked up a tip or two from the workshop although prefer to have hands-on workshop. And I am looking forward for an advance workshop which Syahidah said she might organized in the future.

I forgot to mention this is one of the FREE Fasionista workshop that Suria KLCC is organising for the month of April, others Free workshops include Benefit, Acca Kappa, Jimmy Choo, O&E Fine Jewerly, Acca Kappa, Marie France, Bonia, Harley Davidson, Salabiana among others. . Each workshop are limited to 10 persons only. But not to worry, some workshop has few dates for you to choose. So quick call 03-2382 2828 KLCC Conceirge to book now now!

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