Introducing Formula D Minerals

Hi everybody,

I am so excited! Finally, after months of preparation, my Etsy shop finally opens! Ladies and gents, may I introduce Formula D Minerals!

The screen shot :)

If you read my cryptic post on Friday, you already had a peak at the eyeshadow collection. I posted the first 15 eye shadows today. For the first run, there will be 27 eye shadows, 4 blushes, and 1 powder. As time progresses, I will add more products to this line. And of course, I will add the rest of the products to my site tomorrow.

Shipping is relatively inexpensive: $2.00 if you purchase one item, and 25 cent each per additional item when shipped to U.S addresses. For international customers, it's $3.00 for the first item and 30 cent per additional item.

The eye shadows are priced at $3.99/item (that's a dollar cheaper than my planned price), the blushes are $6.99/item, and the powder is $8.99. (The powder is huge!) I am trying to make things in a reasonable price range so you guys can afford it while I don't go to the poor house :)

Please take a look at my shop and help me out by shopping with me. After graduation, I am still unable to find a job. This economy is tough and being an environmental science grad, getting a job is even tougher. So instead of waiting for someone to call me for employment, I decided to make an employment for myself. Let's hope this opportunity will bring many interesting things beside monetary gain to my life.

Also, please spread the words. As an Etsy shop owner, I do not have any advertising budget (unlike big companies out there!) I know you love me and my blog, so please give my store a try and if you like the products, please let everyone know about Formula D. Just a link on your blog and Twitter will help my shop tremendously!

Formula D Minerals

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