Haul: Groupe Marcelle Spring 2010 Warehouse Sale (pic heavy!)

I was planning to show you the goodies I got from Groupe Marcelle Spring 2010 Warehouse Sale since Friday but my week-end has been a little busy. I attended the sale on Friday with my mother and my friend Gen. I was also happily surprised to meet Caroline there; she recognized me immediatly, even though it was crowded in here! Anyway, as Annabelle products were priced at $1.50/each and Marcelle colour cosmetics were as low as at $2.50 each, I think I did great as my purchases only costed me $14.67!

Let's start with the skin care products:

Hydra-C Xmas Black Box. It was on sale for $20, but they had a promotion going on: "Get 1 free Xmas Black Box of your choice when you buy any of 2 Xmas Round Box". My mother and my friend bought one Xmas Round Box each and they combined them so I could get the Xmas Black Box for free because we took my car to go to the sale LOL. I'm not sure what is the exact value of the box, but if I calculate the cost of each of the product separately (according to the Marcelle website), it adds up to $70.90! That's an amazing bargain! So here's what the Black Box looks like:

The inside is pink! How cute is that?

So we have...

 Hydra-C ComplexE Eye Contour Gel-Cream, 15 mL: I've been wanting to get my hands on this eye cream for some times now, mainly because I'm a fan of products containing vitamin C, but also because I've never tried eye gel, so I was pretty curious about it.

 Hydra-C ComplexE Facial Exfoliating Gel, 100 mL: I've heard amazing review about this exfoliating gel, so I can't wait to try it!

 Hydra-C ComplexE 24H Moisturizing Gel-Cream, 50 mL

 Hydra-C ComplexE Gentle Self-Foaming Cleanser, 50 mL

Onto the makeup:

 Marcelle Ultimate Lash Mascara in Black: On the box, it says that it "Lengthens and thickens naturally", and it contains Keratin and Quaternium-22. Interesting!

 Annabelle Satellite Pearl Powder in Celestial Pearl: I guess it's supposed to be used as an highlighting powder? I've never used something like that before.

 Annabelle Glitterama Liquid Eyeliner in Funshine: I have another Glitterama Eyeliner in Galactic Gold and love it so much, and this is the only one I spotted at the sale, so I had to have it!
Marcelle Lip Glaze Pen in Pink Flash: OMG this is the shiniest lipgloss I've ever seen! Be sure to take a look at the swatches below!

 Marcelle Sparkling Diamond Pen in Gold and Silver: I wasn't sure if they were for the eyes or the lips, but I guess they are for the eyes as the glitters are chunkier than the lip glaze. And I just love glitters =D

Here are some swatches of the pens:

left to right: Lip Glaze Pen in Pink Flash, Sparkling Diamond Pen in Gold, Sparkling Diamond Pen in Silver

And here's what my mother got (she is so cute; the morning after the sale, I was "playing" with my new products and my mom saw me taking pictures, so she ran upstairs and arrange her products for me to take pictures of them and put them on my blog LOL):

Skin care:

- New Age Xmas Round Box (it costed $22, but it retails for $40.95 and it's valued to $66.44) includes:

  • New Age Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Day Cream, 50 mL
  • New Age Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Eye + Lip Contour Cream, 15 mL
  • New Age Comforting Foaming Cleanser, 50 mL
  • New Age Soothing Hydrating Tonifying Lotion, 120 mL


- Marcelle Paparazzi Multi-Colour Eye Palette in Jet-Set
- Marcelle Opus Trio Blush in Pink Trilogy
- Marcelle Sparkling Diamond Pen in Gold
- Marcelle Sparkling Diamond Pen in Silver
- Marcelle Lip Glaze Pen in Pink Flash
- Marcelle Rouge Reflex in Orbit

- Annabelle Multi-Stripes Eyeshadow in Amber Wave
- Annabelle Limited-Edition Volumelash.com Mascara in Electric Blue
- Annabelle Kohl Eyeliner in Navy 76 (x2)
- Annabelle Kohl Eyeliner in Mother Nature 167

My mom absolutely wanted to be the model for her products, so I picked the two eyeshadow palettes she bought and got her to do some swatches to show you.

 Annabelle Multi-Stripes Eyeshadow in Amber Wave: This is the second time I see this palette at the warehouse sale, and I was hesitating to get it, because I already have some similar palettes... but my mother wanted it, and after seeing the swatches, I'm glad I didn't buy it because all of the colors look the same! But it's still a gorgeous palette, and it's pretty pigmented.

Marcelle Paparazzi Multi-Colour Eye Palette in Jet-Set: This is the only eyeshadow palette from Marcelle that I find beautiful (not enough to buy it though!)

Oh and, what is in the enveloppe, you ask?

Some products from the new mineral line to test and review that were handed to me by the lovely Isabel! I'm glad I finally got to meet her in person, but we couldn't talk more because she was too busy. She said this is the first time so much people come to the sale, and I must agree, this is the only time I had to wait in line (for around 30 mintes).

So, here are the goodies:

  • Annabelle Mineral Powder Blush in Au Naturel
  • Annabelle Mineral Powder Bronzer in Terra
  • Annabelle Mineral Pigment Dust in Solar
  • Annabelle Mineral Pigment Dust in Violet Vibe
  • Annabelle Mineral Pigment Dust in Myth

 The blush (top) and the bronzer (bottom)

left to right: the Mineral Pigment Dust in Violet Vibe, Solar and Myth

Violet Vibe



left to right: Myth, Solar, Violet Vibe

You must know by now that my camera sucks, especially for taking swatches, so I apologize once again -_- But I hope you can see how shimmery those pigments are. I'm especially curious over Myth, as the color seems to change depending on the lightning; it's a brownish silvery gray with multicoloured shimmers in it. I can't wait to do a FOTD with it!

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