A Sneak Peak

Hi everybody,

I hope your Earth Week has gone well so far. I can't wait for the weekend! Today, I am going to do something I've never done before: I'm going to give you a peak of what I've been working for the past month.

Look at all those eye shadows! I won a giveaway!
Haha, just kidding! I didn't win any giveaways. But they do look lovely, right?

These are some bright colors

The highlight quad
Some green colors for green eyes babes :)
I stacked them up and play with them
And lay them down to take pictures of them :p
Interested? Intrigued? Please come back on Monday to know more about these goodies! You'll be surprised where they came from. For those who already knew, please keep quiet. These are top-secret items that haven't been released before. Just a few got to use it and so far, I think they like it.

So please, please, please come to my blog on Monday for the big announcement. It's my graduation from being a makeup addict to the extreme :)


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