I am off to Hong Kong from 23-28 April 2010!

At 7am sharp on 23 April 2010, I am flying to Hong Kong with another 17 persons, thanks to AirAsia's zero fare I am going to Hong Kong again. How can I not love Air Asia when I only need to pay RM168 all inclusive insurance and baggage. So without any consideration I booked my air ticket (together with the rest of the group) a year ago !! And here I am today on the plane traveling there for my 2nd time after 2 years!

The Maps of Hong Kong, so many places to go !!!

There is no one single day in Hong Kong that you will feel boring or empty!

This time around maybe I will visit the Disneyland !

Mickey and Minnie is welcoming us !

I have been to Ocean Park on the first time of my visit.

And I will be going Shenzhen as well.

Of course going to the Spa again, the first time I was there, it was heavely !!!

The place is huge, the service was excellent and price is reasonable !

This time we are going to SLF International Spa Club (水立方国际水疗会 )!

Other than sight seeing, shopping is one of the main activities in Hong Kong !

Plenty to see, plenty to buy !

But I think I will be "controlling" this time around , compare to my crazy shopping experience in Bangkok, I HOPE!!!

Till then see you readers, hope you have a great weekends ahead, I be back on 28 April 2010!

Thank you for visiting here !

p/s: Do check out here once a while, there might be some posts in between to cure your hunger! Do pray I have a safe journey :) Love ya!

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