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El Gato Supremo was supposed to blog today but this morning, I found him outside sun bathing. I think he is aiming to play the Chesire Cat in "Alice in Wonderland 2" or something. He's been working out and getting tanner to look good. With this rate, he will be called Mr. Six Pack Abs instead of Mr. Belly :)

Do not disturb! I'm enjoying nature, yo!
 With Mr. Belly Gato Supremo out of commission, I guess I'd better share the swatches of the eye shadows and blushes available at my shop, Formula D Minerals.

Blue quad: Baby Blue, Something Blue, Midnight, and Cookie Monster
 My favorite of this quad is Cookie Monster. It is bright and cheerful, like our beloved Sesame Street monster who's not Elmo. Baby Blue is very cute and Something Blue is simply gorgeous. You can use Midnight as a liner color, too!

Pink quad: It Girl, Quirky, Pink Bunny, and Kaleidoscope
I love It Girl a lot, it's my favorite pink eye shadow. It's very wearable and does not give you that haughty, tired red eye look.

Purple trio: Isis, Belle, and Serenity
Isis was named after my friend's nickname. Both Isis and Belle and wearable purple. Serenity is frosty and very pretty. I guess it is more of a cool winter color but when combined with Isis and Belle, they make a very pretty look.

Neutral quad: Granite, Golden Bear, Smoke, and Sandy
My neutrals are not the boring types. They are shimmering, sparkling, and a bit brighter than your regular neutrals. Sandy is an interesting color and I wish you could see it on my skin. Smoke is very soft with a hint of green. Golden Bear is a pretty golden brown color and Granite is a dark semi-matte color.

Highlight quad: Peach &Cream, Daisy, Bella, and Summer Sun
 This is an interesting highlight quad for those who want yellow, pink, and peach highlight colors. Peach and Cream is a light peach color, Daisy can be used as a highlighter or a regular color, Bella is a pretty gold-silver duochrome color, and Summer Sun is a light pinkish gold shade.

Green quad: Sparkling Green, Ms. Olive, Golden Olive, and Greenbacks
This is a gold tone green quad. My camera does not capture the colors well but Sparkling Green is just drop dead gorgeous and shimmery. Ms. Olive is a dark olive gold color. Golden Olive is lighter than Ms. Olive and it is a duochrome color. Greenbacks is an apple green eye shadow that screams "spring is in the air!" :)

Dark quad: Blue Steel, Ink, Gilded Glam, and Molten Lava
 If you are into smokey eyes and dark mineral eyeliner, please get these colors. Also, "Blue Steel" is a fun smokey colors. You don't need to be Derek Zoolander to do Blue Steel :)
Blushes: Radiance, Dandelion, Flushed, and Lotus
The blushes are soft and creamy. Lotus has a lilac undertone that's suitable for cool tone ladies. Flushed is my favorite color: it actually looks like I'm blushing whenever I wear it. Dandelion is a soft pink color. Radiance is warmer and more of a peach shade. I love these blushes a whole lot: they are soft, silky, and long lasting.

That's all for today. If I write any longer, I will get into a blatantly self-promotion mode and I don't want that. For those who want to be patron saints of my shop, you need to set up an Etsy account to purchase. It is quick and easy (easier than setting up an email account, in fact!) After that, you can shop at Formula D as well as other wonderful Etsy shops. I hope you will support handmade products. We do spend a lot of time perfecting our crafts to give you the best.

By the way, my big "Thank You" of the day goes to the first customer who made a purchase yesterday. You know who you are and nobody can take away your "First Customer" spot in my heart.

Formula D Minerals


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