Safety Measures Before Using Any Cosmetics.

Allergic reactions to many types of cosmetics may occur when the skin is repeatedly exposed to small amounts of allergy causing ingredients. There are several steps you can take to try and avoid cosmetic allergy reactions, including the following.
Be sure to clean your hands and face before applying any cosmetics.
Applying too much cosmetics to your skin and using several new products simultaneously can be one reason of cosmetic allergy

Read the list of ingredients on all cosmetic products. If you find an ingredient that has caused a reaction in the past, don't use that product.
Tightly close the cosmetic containers closed tightly and free of dust and dirt.
Discard products if the color changes or they develop an odor.
Test before you apply any cosmetics to your skin. Pour a drop on the inner wrist than wait at least 24 hours to see whether it has any harmful effect on your organism.
Do not use eye make-up if you have an eye infection.
Never share make-up.
If you want to test a product in the store, wipe the opening of the tester with alcohol.
Keep cosmetics away from heat and out of direct sunlight.
If the consistency of a product changes, do not add water, instead, throw it out.
Clean cosmetic brushes and applicators frequently.
Always keep a check on the expiry dates of the cosmetics you are using and throw the cosmetics that have expired.

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