I Got Makeup

Hello everyone,

Mr. Belly is jealous, very jealous. You see, I got makeup and he didn't. And the last time I check, el gato supremo (yes, he makes me address him like that!) still complained about his chicken cat food diet.

I've been blessed with good friends and good makeup. And I'm very honored and thankful, as well. Last month, I received two packages that filled my little heart with joy.

Package 1: from Tammy

Choke-full of makeup!
Yes, I was the winner of Tummy Cake's first giveaway. She sent the whole package from Canadaland and I was surprised at how many things I got. She gave me Miss Dior Cherie body lotion, a quad and a mascara from Lancome, a Dior Show sample mascara, a Bi-Facil sample, an assortment of face creme and cleanser samples, and best of all...My Beauty Diary masks!

Since la McNunu hooked me up with these masks, I've become a mask addict. The MBD masks are seriously good. I'm so thankful that Tammy included a box of Aloe Vera masks and 2 Black Pearl masks.

Thank you, Tammy for your generosity. If you haven't read her blog, please check it out: Tummy Cake.

Package number 2: from Sooji

My sweet Valentine's secret admirer sent me some makeup love <333
From mid-February to the beginning of March, I stalked the mailman like mad. I guess he didn't appreciate my antic so I didn't receive a lot of mails than usual. After I came back from Gator Nation, I received the love package.

While Alienman thought I pulled a Sooji on her, I have to admit I'm weak! Only Sooji can pull a Sooji (definition of "pull a Sooji" is in the link above, you need to read to understand the context.) I can't. Sooji, girl you are so generous! I feel so loved!

She gave me her love through Urban Decay lip glosses, Shisem lashes (2 pairs, oh my!), a bunch o' samples, 3 sheet masks, a giant jar o' cookies (her own recipe), chocolate (which I consumed before the picture was taken), a hair clip, and a MAC mineralize eyeshadow duo. The last two items were not included in the picture because the hair clip was in my hair and the eyeshadow duo was in the bathroom. The eyeshadows are lovely but I can't use it since it contains bismuth oxychloride, which my skin has allergy to T_T

I baked cookies, yo!
Seriously, I can't bake cookies. Her recipe is very delicious but yours truly is a dodo when it comes to baking cookies. Somehow, I managed to produce 2 dozens of rock-hard cookies. However, they mellowed down after a day being in the kitchen.

LOL, look at him!
And you wonder why el gato supremo is jealous. I got the makeup, the masks and the cookies. He got zippledee doo dah! He wanted his cut. So if you guys have giveaways for cats, please let him know. He wants some love, too, preferably in the material form.

About the masks: Am I going to do reviews on them? As Sarah Palin said, "You betcha!" So stay tuned for the mask reviews, will ya?

Again, thank you Tammy and Sooji for sending me makeup love. I love y'all so much!


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