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Some times ago, Annabelle launched their first mineral makeup products, and I had the chance to try and review them.

The Annabelle Mineral Collection consists of:
  • Mineral Pigment Dust (7 shades)
  • Mineral Powder Foundation (4 shades)
  • Mineral Powder Blush (3 shades)
  • Mineral Powder Bronzer (1 shade) 
I will do a review on each of those products (except the Powder Foundation as I wasn't really interested in trying it because I simply don't wear foundation) in three separate posts.
Annabelle Mineral Pigment Dust 

left to right: Violet Vibe, Solar and Myth

Yes, you are right, I already did a review on the Annabelle Pigment Dusts, but they have been re-launched as the Mineral pigment Dusts. The main difference is that the new formulas are paraben free, so you must mix the powder with water in a separate container. Do not use a damp applicator in the new pots since they are devoid of preservatives. But not only did they go mioneral, they also benefited from a shade update.

Price: $8.50 for 0.08 oz / 2.5 g

The claims:
Let there be light! These highly pigmented loose eye shadows are made with fine pearl particules and minerals to create incredible shine and shimmer.
Use just a little for a more subtle effect or apply wet in a bold stroke for incredible luminescence. Available in convenient and fuss-free compacts, they contain the most beautiful shades. Be as mild or as wild as you wish!

How to use:
Pigment powders can be used two ways: dry or wet. To apply dry, simply sweep across the eyelid or dot on specific areas to create an iridescent effect. Use either your fingers or the Annabelle A-8 Small Shader Brush.
When mixed with water, it transforms into a rich-coloured liquid liner with remarkable stay-on power. Simply mix a little Pigment Dust with a few drops of water in a small container and apply directly to skin. Use as a dramatic eyeshadow or a dazzling eyeliner. Use the Annabelle A-14 Angled Brush to trace a fine line just above the upper lashes. You'll be amazed at its long lasting colour.

  • highly pigmented
  • easily buildable
  • true to the color in the compact
  • doesn't fall all over my face
  • stay put all day long, with or without primer!
  • color stays true all day long
  • I find the compacts are little hard to open (too thight)
  • the hole in the compact is a little too small even for my smaller brush
  • could be too shimmery for some (but not me!)

What I think:
I'm going to repeat myself here, but I can't rave enough about these pigments. I find it so hard to find eyeshadows that are true to what they look like in the compact, that are pigmented and that last all day long... but these do it all! They are perfect to me. They make me want to throw away all of my other eyeshadows xD The only thing is even when I use my smaller brush to apply these pigments, the hole in the compact is a little too small, so the best way to use these pigments would be to unscrew the compact, just like that:


You can see some FOTDs I made with these pigments here (Myth and Violet Vibe).

 Violet Vibe



left to right: Myth, Solar and Violet Vibe

left to right: Solar, Golden Pink, Azur, Prism, Myth, Violet Vibe, Eco-Chic

Recommend? yes


Disclaimer: These products were sent to me for review purposes, and the fact that they were free absolutely does not influence my opinion.

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