Did I Just See ELVIS?! {Music in the Park #2}

So, last week was a huge disappointment in the Music in the Park department. As we walked to the park, I watched the skies with trepidation. They were cloudy when we left the house to go see the Saline Fiddlers, a teen group of string-instumrnt-playing virtuosos. Ten minutes later, when we were about half-way there, the clouds turned black and the temperature dropped a good 15 degrees. We turned around and went home. Nothing like being 20 minutes away from home without shelter and on foot - with a toddler!

But, last night made up for it. The weather was beautiful! It was 80 degrees out, a little humid, and a nice 10 MPH wind blowing to keep everything good and comfortable. I mad a yummy picnic with Little Guy consisting of fruit salad and veggie sandwiches earlier in the afternoon. Hubby was actually excited to go (usually, he goes, but lets me know it's because I'm making him - ugh!)  Our walk there was fun, and Little Guy even managed to let us take breaks to enjoy the river!

The park was filled! Everyone and their brother showed up! (See the little spot Hubby staked out for us in the foreground, on the right? The guy in the brown shirt!)

When we got there, Elvis was already revved up and gyrating! Did you know we have our very own Elvis in residence? Here's a good story: Elvis' daughter is the same age as my oldest. When he first started school (second grade), he came home one day cheezed off at me and his dad. "YOU SAID ELVIS WAS DEAD! YOU LIED TO ME! HE CAME TO SCHOOL TODAY AND PICKED UP A_____! HE'S NOT DEAD!!!" Little did we know, but "Elvis" lived less than a block away from our own home. It took a LOT of explaining to my then 6 year-old about impersonators and tributes!

Now, I'm not really an Elvis fan, but this guy is GREAT! His real name is Sherman Arnold and he really does get the crowd going. Who doesn't like a nice rendition of "Love Me Tender" once in a while, right? The females (and a few males!) in the audience had their "knickers twitchin'", as my friend, Tiny Temper, would say. He didn't stay up on stage, where it was safe, he was in the audience, singing to women, young and old, nearly the entire length of his set. Little guy just wasn't sure what to make of it, but, apparently, rockabilly isn't on his list of favorite music!

Gotta love the irony of the "Do Not Enter" sign and Hubby actually trying to get Little Guy not to enter!
Rather than dancing, he was busy making new friends on the playground. now, I have to mention that, until last night, he never really played with the other kids. He played alongside them. So, he crossed a "developmental milestone" as he played with his new friends! He played tag - both as "It" and as the "Target", he played catch, he raced, he even helped someone who had been pushed down by an older kid. That last one needs some work - he tried to "help" his friend by beating up on the bully - a little girl who was about 7. (Hey, she was a brat and deserved it, but Little Guy, at 2.5, was no match!) I am glad I was close and was able to direct his attention to the hurt kid and how to be empathetic and helpful, rather than retaliatory!

 Now, the second act of the evening was one I had been looking forward to since I first saw them on the calendar, way back when there was still snow on the ground: THE BLUES BROTHERS! OK, I have to tell you, my dad loves The Blues Brothers - my entire childhood was filled with quotes from the movie, watching the movie, singing the songs... you get the picture. I mean, even now, he dresses up with a friend of his and shows up a parties to do the act. Not for money - for fun. The car chase scene in the movie is one that, as soon as VCR's came out and we had one, my brother played over and over.

When the music started, Little Guy ditched his new friends and made his way toward the stage... mesmerized and bopping his little butt t the beat! Yep, he's definitely got the gene! And these guys were good. They didn't have a back-up band, so the music was all pre-recorded with scenes from the movie dubbed in. Little Guy was shocked (and a little proud, I hope) that his mama knew ALL the words to ALL the movie lines and ALL the songs! He especially loved "Rawhide" because he has a special dance of his own that we call the "Roll-It" - in the style of The Hustle. This was the first year that these guys have played our little community outdoor concerts. I sure hope they come back next year!

These guys had some fantastic choreography and dance moves.

Hubby "enjoying" the music!

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