Makeup Tips to Look Fabulous over 50

Hi everyone,

Last weekend, I got a chance to do a makeover for my mom before she went to a wedding. Normally, she would do her own makeup but I'd like for her to have a different look. This is the second time I did my mom's makeup and it was a lot better than the first time around.

Bobbi Brown doing makeup on some model. Imagine me looking like that when I did my mom's makeup.
After this session, I have realized why my mom's makeup was a lot better. Here are the tips:

1. Moisture, moisture, moisture:
No matter how much face cream my mom put on, her skin was dry. To add more foundation and powder on top was a disaster. It enhances the dryness and accentuates the line.

To have a fabulous canvas for makeup, my mom put on the cream, waited for it to dry, then put on a facial serum that has silicone. Not only the silicone seals in moisture, it also smooths out her skin. It was a lot better this way.

2. A good primer is key:
The first time I did her makeup, I used MAC Bare Canvas as an eyeshadow primer. It is a decent primer on me but since its texture is dry, Bare Canvas did not work well on my mom's already dry skin.

This time around, I used Urban Decay Primer Potion on her and the eye makeup just blended so easily. I did not notice that when I did my own makeup but it was a significant improvement in blending my mom's makeup.

3. Liquid foundation and selected powdering:
As my mom's skin is dry, we decided to use liquid foundation and buffed it with ELF Studio powder brush to get a flawless finish. Then, I powdered her t-zone before adding blushes.

4. Go easy on the shimmer:
As much as I love shimmer, it does not go well on my mom's skin. Too much shimmer is not a good thing. Instead, I use a light hand to highlight certain areas (cheekbones and underneath the eyebrows.) As a result, my mom's skin did not look dull but has a nice glow.

I had fun doing makeup on my mom. Believe it or not, it's a whole new ballgame to do her makeup. The challenges are different and although I've heard or read about it, doing her makeup gave me a whole new outlook on makeup artistry.
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