Instant Home Remedies For Chicken Pox.

Boil neem leaves in water and then filter it. The filtered neem water should be given to the patient.

To stop itching, the patient should take a 30 minute bath in cool water with ginger added to it.

Half a cup of brown vinegar can also be added to the bath tub to reduce itching.

Sponge the patient with a micture of ½ tspn of Baking soda in 1 glass of water. When soda dries on the skin it controls the itchiness and irritation.

Grind dry rolled oats into a fine powderand then add two cups to a bath of lukewarm water. Pat skin dry when finished bathing.

Drink lot to water to avoid dehydration.

Applying Honey on the Chicken pox Scares help to reduces them.

Green peas and coriander should be included in regular diet.

Take an oatmeal bath to get relief from itching.

To reduce scars apply sandalwood oil on the affected areas.

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