Cloth Pad Curious? Wonder No More! {FREE Mama Cloth!}

I've been curious about using cloth pads since I first read a post about them on Becoming Crunchy. In fact, Kelly had an entire week devoted to "mama cloth" and wrote up reviews for different brands of pads and even tampons, plus she had giveaways. I love entering giveaways, but I shied away from these. I wanted NOTHING to do with having to wash blood out of pads everyday for a week straight. Plus, my periods are so very heavy. This means that 1) I didn't think these things would manage to keep me from having even bigger messes to clean up, and 2) I get so very tired and lazy from the onslaught of blood-loss that I do the bare minimum around here for at least the first couple of days. I don't want to have to clean these pads out (and just how much work will that take?!) everyday or else fall back into using disposables. And there's no way I could afford to make the initial investment to go all-cloth and then not use them.

Then, last night, on my Facebook News Feed, I saw a post about Party In My Pants' Cloth Pad Curious giveaway. Anyone who is interested can order a cloth pad of their choice (fabric color/print will be a surprise) for only the cost of shipping. You can choose between different sized pads, from thong pads to the "maxi liner". You can choose whether you want to try flannel or cotton fabric. And, if you want to spend an extra $0.25, you can get a pad that has snaps on the wings to make you feel more secure (I chose that option!) The one thing is, if you've ordered from Party In My Pants before, you cannot take part in this giveaway. It is restricted to new customers only.

For US residents, shipping will cost a mere $3.99 - not bad for a chance to try out a cloth pad! For those who live in Canada and Mexico (yes, this offer is open to you, too! Amazing, huh?!), the shipping will cost only $5.99. And, if you live anywhere else in the world, don't think you're being left out. You can get the same offer for $9.99 shipping.

When I get my pad, which I was told will be in the mail ASAP, I'll write you a little review and show you some of the cool stuff on their site, like the PIMP Prescription Quiz! And, come on, you gotta love a company that makes cloth menstrual pads naming themselves "Party In My Pants", right?!

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