Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah {Day 8 - Ky Intimacy Experiment and GIVEAWAY!}

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If you read the title, I'm sure you've guessed what at least one of our Day 8 exercises is supposed to be. (No, not getting it on in the kitchen!) We were to cook together. Not just any meal, but one loaded with aphrodisiacs. Sigh. If you read the Day 5 post, you know that having hubby in the kitchen with me is anything but a relaxing time! But, for the sake of all of you, I conceded. I let a man with shaky hands who does not follow directions well at all (I swear, he hears half a sentence and just knows what's coming next and stops listening!) Little Guy, at just over 2 1/2 years old, shakes his head when he watches Daddy make a bowl of cereal - no kidding!

The first step was to find some foods that are believed to have an aphrodisiac effect. Everything suggested in the KY Intimacy Experiment booklet was either out of our price range, icky (yeah, I'm talking about slimy oysters - yuck!), or had the added "benefit" of upping fertility (Noooooo!!!!!) SO, I searched for herbs and spices with aphrodisiac effects and found a really cool site, Eat Something Sexy. Jackpot! There is an entire page devoted to the erotic power of herbs and spices, including some of the sex-enhancing history and beliefs of each. We settled on a salad (no fire involved!) and planned our evening of cooking to land on a Saturday so we could hit the farmer's market in the morning.

Our salad was to include as many of the things that were listed on the site as possible and still be tasty: fennel, fresh basil, arugula, and parsley. I made a vinegar and oil dressing with garlic, rosemary, oregano, a little bit of saffron (that stuff is more expensive than gold!), black pepper, and a dash of cayenne pepper. We added some of the ingredients we like in our salads, too: carrots, hard-boiled eggs (I finally have a great way to make them and get the shells to come off easily every time!), cheese, etc. While hubby busily chopped the veggies and herbs for our salad (how badly could he mess that up?!), I made a loaf of quick bread that was heavy on the cinnamon, vanilla (seeds), nutmeg, and cloves. When everything was nearly ready, I heated some water for an Indian tea recipe found on the site that included cinnamon sticks, cardamon, ginger, black pepper (weird, I know!), cloves, sugar, milk, and black tea leaves. That's when I turned and saw it - our "salad" was going to be a slaw! He had so very carefully chopped and diced our food that it was shredded! Deep breath... OK, we could live with it, right? Just one meal out of how many we have eaten and will eat in our lives?

So, we gave the kids some leftover pizza from the night before and let them watch Finding Nemo in the front room while we sat down to a meal together (they were thrilled and so were we!) I must say, I think the salad turned out pretty well. First, by shredding everything, hubby managed to mix a little bit of each flavor into every bite. And the dressing saturated it nicely. The bread was a good accompaniment and, since I kept the sweetness low, it didn't overpower the salad. The tea was AMAZING! You have to go get that recipe if you do this or just because (erotic power of herbs and spices)!

Oh, and the one thing that had the greatest aphrodisiac effect on me the whole evening? Hubby did the dishes while I gave Little Guy a bath, then he did something he's NEVER done before - he put Little Guy to bed! YEAH, I KNOW!!!! Oh man, you should have heard that kid outsmart his daddy over and over. He "hat to go potty" every 30 seconds or so and hubby was so afraid that he'd wet the bed that he kept letting him get up, make the pilgrimage to the bathroom, sit on the toilet for a few minutes, wash hands, get a sip of water, go back to bed, read another story.... I just kept my giggles to myself and made coffee. It is regular coffee (we make ours really strong) boiled with cardamom seeds, milk, honey. (It was a variation on a couple of the mixtures mentioned on Eat Something Sexy.) YUM! 

By the time both kids were in bed, it was time for the nighttime exercise of the Intimacy Experiment. The first part was something that we used to do but, as the newness of our relationship wore off, kind of faded away: kiss each other all over. It was really nice to go back to that and, as the aphrodisiac effect of our meal and beverages started to become strong, we were ready for the next part.

Now, let me tell you all something. I could never understand why anyone would want to bring food into their sex. Whipped cream, chocolate sauce, caramel... oh, man! That stuff is sticky! It stains or otherwise ingrains itself into the sheets (trust me - I know the old milk smell of whipped cream will be there forevermore!) We opted for one of the items that came in our Intimacy Experiment box - KY Kissable Sensations. It comes in a "yours" and "mine" formula (one for him and one for me.) One was chocolate flavored and the other strawberry - and I was surprised that they both actually tasted good! (I'll tell you a little more about this and the other products in my wrap-up post.) All I'm going to tell you is that we made the right choice and I didn't feel sticky (in a bad way, ha ha) all night! Oh, and in case you were wondering, I really believe that our food had an effect on our sexual desires. We'll certainly be making the tea and/or coffee whenever we'd like to spend an evening together. It inivgorated us while, at the same time ...uh, put us in the 'mood'.

Here is today's EXTRA ENTRY question!!!

For TWO MORE ENTRIES, answer this question below in a comment on this post: Do you or have you spent time together in the kitchen? This was literally our first time and it was productive and fun. (I really had been dreading it!)

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    *I received no monetary compensation for this giveaway, this blog post, or the blog posts that will follow. I did receive a K-Y Brands Intimacy Experiment package in order to fully participate in the program and tell you about it.

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