The Luxury Of Skin Lightening Home Remedies

The joys of doing home rituals using home ingredients are sorely missed because of busy scheduleswhich explains the frequent visit to spas to capture the luxurious feeling. Women love going to spas to get all that pampering that is sorely missed when body and face rituals are done from a jar at home. It would be wonderful if they could do their rituals at the comforts of their homes using natural products. Skin lightening home remedies can always be used to achieve the fair skin women always wanted. The process will not only be bring back the lavish feel but will also be inexpensive.

The very basic question is: what skin lightening home remedies are effective and how are they used? The following are tips to get this done:

1. Facial and Body Wash
Water will always be the best cleaning agent. To ensure that the skin will be thoroughly cleaned, the face can be scrubbed using some natural facial scrub then wash off with clean water.

2. How to scrub skin
To slough off old, dead skin cells, use natural ingredients that are rough to the touch like sugar or dried orange rind that is ground and mixed with some liquid substance like honey, yoghurt,milk for dry skin;however, lemon extract is suitable for oily skin.

3. How to apply facial and body mask
Masks are applied and left on the face or body as long as necessary because the primary purpose of masks are to nourish the skin. The ingredients must be selected depending on the skin texture and purpose. There are many possible choices that can be mixed and matched. Some examples are: yoghurt, lemon juice, orange juice, honey, almonds, tomato, cucumber, chamomile flowers. For dry skin, natural oils from olives, castor and almond may be added. Adding mint to the mixture makes it stimulating.

Attaining a fair skin is not impossible anymore. With ingenuity and interest, make a mixture out of the natural ingredients mentioned to come up with your own recipe. So the next time you want to go to a spa, think of all the ingredients that abound in the kitchen. Lit up some scented, aromatic candles and off you go to your very own private spa in your home.

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