Quick Giveaway - Jif-to-Go Free Coupon (Ends 7/15 @ Noon EST)

Congrats to Tarter95 - you're the winner!!!


Yeah. I don't tend to read the fine print very often until after the fact. Remember when everyone was talking about the Free Jif-to-Go coupons? I went right over and signed up.Where did I sign up? I don't know. Didn't even look to see who I was giving my name, address, and email to. Duh.

Turns out I gave my info to Target. I don't shop there. I don't have a car and the bus ride takes over 45 minutes, although the store is about a 5-minute car ride from my house - we have a crappy bus line here. So, I won't be using the coupon. It is good for "Any 8 Pack Jif To Go Peanut Butter Product" up to $2.29 at Target stores only. It expires on 8/31/11.

So, I'll just give it away. All you have to do for a chance to win is live in the US (sorry everyone else) and post a comment saying that you want to win and put your email address on there, too. Nothing else. I mean, if you want to follow me, like me, enter my other giveaway, or check out my giveaway linky - go ahead. But I'm not going to make you and it isn't going to get you extra entries for this one - one entry per person.

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